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White Papers

United States Environmental Protection Agency Position Statement on Environmental Management Systems (EMSs).

Background In recent years organizations have increasingly adopted formal Environmental Management Systems (EMSs). The most common framework for an EMS is plan-do-check-act, with the goal of continual improvement. EMSs provide organizations of all types with a structured approach for managing environmental and regulatory responsibilities to improve overall environmental performance, including areas not subject


Outsourcing the Quality Management System

QMS Sourcing®: Outsourcing the Quality Management System By: David A. Lalain – President, Omnex Quality Culture, LLC Abstract: Your company, like many others, has no doubt discovered the cost advantages and flexibility of outsourcing. The focus has been on non-core functions and economies of scale but the range of outsourcing has continued to grow and now includes IT, HR, accounting, purchasing, engineering,


Breakaway LeanTM - 50/50/20 in Six Months

by Chad Kymal, CTO - Omnex Omnex's Lean approach is a highly structured results oriented process that guarantees results in the relatively short time frame of six months. What does 50/50/20 mean? It means that an organization practicing Breakaway LeanTM can achieve a 50% reduction in inventory, a 50% increase in throughput and a 20% reduction in operational


Excelerated Six Sigma™ Training

GET RESULTS BY FOCUSED TRAINING by David A. Lalain - President Omnex Quality Culture and Executive Vice President Omnex - Quality Solutions Many organizations, especially Automotive, Electronics or companies that have practiced ISO/TS 16949 and QS-9000 quality management systems have gained knowledge and skills in techniques like SPC, MSA, and FMEA. Omnex Excelerated Six SigmaTM leverages these skills and knowledge in applying them to the DMA


Move from FMEA 3 rd to 4 th Editions

Beginning November 1, 2008, the Chrysler, Ford, and GM, Failure Mode Effects Analysis Reference anual, 4th edition, available from AIAG, will supersede the 3rd edition. The 4th edition of the FMEA Reference Manual expands on the efforts of the 3rd edition by treating the entire FMEA process rather than just the forms in order to minimize the improper uses and implementation of the FMEA, such as: Column shifting: placing information in