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OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is used as a yardstick for measuring manufacturing productivity and performance of equipment, and organizations are sparing no efforts to improve their OEE score, right from planning the maintenance activities, resources, and spare parts well ahead of time; in spite of meticulous planning, unpredicted equipment repairs and breakdowns often come with a heavy price, greatly impacting the OEE score.



Organizations have started realizing the need of an automated equipment maintenance which will reduce downtime, resource and cost while increasing OEE score.

Omnex’s robust web-based TPM Pro software helps plan, monitor and control all your maintenance activities online. TPM Pro automates Preventive maintenance with work order scheduling and provides proactive information on maintenance-related data and makes all of these available throughout your enterprise. TPM Pro has an array of features and lets you choose the maintenance strategy that works best for you



Take command of your equipment maintenance today.

  • Maintenance Scheduler – Kaizen compliant scheduling that maximizes OEE, eliminates losses and reduces downtime
  • Maintenance Manager – Track preventive/predictive maintenance activities by category like time-based condition-based &usage-based maintenance, and breakdowns
  • Breakdown Management – Access historical maintenance records, data and procedures instantly; track and update the status of breakdowns; analyse the root cause and take immediate countermeasure; Preventive & Corrective action Register from Breakdowns; forecast spare parts demand based on reports of TBM, UBM and breakdown
  • Generation of reports:
    • Equipment information history card
    • Annual maintenance reports on TBM and shutdowns
    • MTTR report
    • MTBF report
    • KEs efficiency
    • Maintenance cost
    • Inventory analysis
    • OEE
  • Calendar to organize, plan and schedule the maintenance activities
  • Equipment-wise corrective maintenance reports and charts

Current challenges


▸ Manual preparation of maintenance plans & work orders

▸ Automated maintenance scheduler and work orders

▸ Excel-based records maintenance - Daily, weekly, monthly

▸ All records maintained in a centralized system accessible by everyone based on privileges

▸ Extensive follow-up for on-time maintenance completion and reports

▸ Email notification, reminder and escalation for all maintenance activities

▸ Manual spares reordering process. Last minute orders increase cost

▸ Effective spare parts inventory management, with advanced email notification of reorder levels

▸ Calculation of maintenance costs is laborious

▸ Tool-based monitoring of maintenance costs

▸ Reports & trends are time-consuming & not instantaneous

▸ Instant reports & trends like MTBF, MTTR, OEE, equipment information history card; auto generation of reports


  • 20-30% time saved in planning and executing of planned maintenance schedule
  • 5-20% decrease in downtime based on meticulous execution of plan
  • 30% time savings in efforts spent on follow-up activities
  • Analyse root cause and downtime failure to improve planned maintenance

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