Problem Solver Software
Problem Solver Software

Problem Solver
Problem Solver Software

Problem Solver® is designed to be a single repository of all customer and internal problems issued by the organization. It has been designed with Integrated Management Systems in mind and can handle a variety of Quality (external and internal), Environmental, and Health and Safety issues. Effectively tracking issues/incidents and knowledge management are part of an organization’s continual improvement strategy.

Manage Your Problems & Incidents

Problem and incident investigation is performed within Problem Solver®. Depending on the type and nature of the problem, Problem Solver® routes the problem to internal Champions. Many problems are easily resolved in the first step and the issues can be quickly closed out. Those issues that require further problem solving techniques are then assigned by the Champion to a Team Leader and team for resolution.

Standardize Metrics And Reporting

Problems and incidents can be categorized, and the organizational metrics necessary to resolve the issues can be specified. In the event the problems are not completed by the assigned due date, Problem Solver® will automatically escalate the issue. A consistent corporate-wide approach for reporting all Environmental, Quality, and Health & Safety nonconformities can also be established.

Problem Solving

A number of problem solving techniques are available and can be selected based on the seriousness of the problem and/or any customer-required formats. CAR, 8-D, 7-D, PRR or customer-specific formats are just some of techniques possible within Problem Solver®. A problem can even be started in one technique and then later transferred to another.

Root Cause Analysis

The Champion or the Team Leader can create a team and use any of the following tools at each step of problem solving for Root Cause Analysis:

  • 5Y Analysis
  • IS/IS NOT Analysis
  • 6w2H
  • Possible Cause
  • Fish Bone Diagram

Other Highlights

  • Track Corrective Actions
  • Track Recurring Problems and Incidents
  • Notifications, Reminders and Escalations on Problems
  • Dashboards