EwQIMS Software

Enterprise-wide Quality and Integrated Management System

EwQIMS®, or "Enterprise-wide Quality and Integrated Management System" is a revolutionary integrated management system software suite. It is a 100% Web-based suite in which you can run all your business quality operations. It comprises an integrated set of web-based software tools that encompass all aspects of quality management. This suite includes modules for New Product Launch and Risk Management (APQP/FMEA), document management, internal and supplier audits, company performance/customer requirement management, equipment verification and calibration (MSA), management and tracking of employee objectives (HR), business process implementation, and equipment maintenance management and scheduling (TPM); all tied together and all sharing a single repository to allow consistent, reliable, and accessible data. Duplicate data entry is a waste of business time. Following the lean approach to quality, EwQIMS® is able to reduce waste by module integration and allowing the import of data from outside data sources. EwQIMS® can handle global and individual needs of company locations or multiple divisions online. By using the capabilities of SQL server, EwQIMS® is able to offer levels, groups and individual permissions. Plus the flexibility of the software itself allows you to create many kinds of tasks, great and small.

Why EwQIMS®?

  • Documentation for ISO 9001, IATF 16949, AS 9100, ISO 14001 and
    ISO 45001 all integrated all in one Enterprise
  • Planning and tracking projects of all types including New Product Launches, Continual Improvement Projects, and Corrective Action Plans
  • Conduct Audits of all types for your QMS, EMS, SOX, Safety to Financial Audits
  • Conduct Risk Management for Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety
  • Conduct Calibration and Measurement System Analysis for Gages for Quality, Environmental or Health and Safety Management Systems
  • Conduct Incident Assessment and Corrective/Preventive Action for Quality, Environmental, and Health and Safety Management Systems

Why is EwQIMS® important?

The goal of every enterprise is to meet or exceed customer expectations. However, accomplishing this goal requires organized efforts of various departments like purchasing, engineering, manufacturing, and sales. Most companies find it impossible to effectively coordinate teams from all business units. This in turn impairs efforts that enrich customer satisfaction and improve bottom-line. Even when a company does create efficient cross-functional teams, rarely do these teams have the right tools to assist them in problem solving. EwQIMS® is created specifically to address these problems. It is the only product in the market that manages customer improvement efforts across an enterprise and also provides tools for problem solving activities.

Your entire enterprise on your web browser

Now you can see your quality data anywhere, any time, through your Internet browser. EwQIMS® modules all operate through any World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)-compliant Web browser (Internet Explorer 6.0 or above) with access to the Intra/Internet. You don’t need any resident software on your machine. Just type in the URL and go ahead!

You are aware of your quality requirements. So instead of adjusting your QMS to our software, we have designed the software to suit the requirements of most quality management systems. EwQIMS® allows you to move between documents of any format Also; the system is flexible enough to allow you to alter content to suit your needs, not the other way around.

The software is made up of eight modules. Each is sold separately or together as EwQIMS®. Document Pro is the centerpiece which links to all the packages. You can buy one now and add on later -- the suite can expand and automatically populate your latest EwQIMS® program with data from existing EwQIMS® packages.