Continual Improvement Software
Business Operating Systems Software

Continual Improvement Software

BOSS, or Business Operating Systems Software enables companies to apply a logical order to everyday data. Generally companies are data-rich and analysis-poor. When the data available is overlooked, it can't be utilized to formulate solutions and maximize a company's potential. BOSS provides the data for problem solving and decision analysis and it allows companies to align customer expectations to key processes and on to improvements.

What does BOSS do?

  • Allows you to benchmark yourself against your competition
  • Determines customer requirements and assigns key actions and measurables to business units across the enterprise
  • Tracks supplier key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Creates and manages corrective action teams and assigns champions
  • Manages all corrective action meetings and creates action plans
  • Generates meeting notification to all participants
  • Creates and stores improvement proposals
  • Root cause analysis
  • Advanced graphics for quick and easy visual analysis of data
  • Allows for integration with other software systems like ERP

Key Features

  • Benchmarking
  • Assign Key Measurables
  • Create and Manage Action Plans
  • Create and Manage Improvement Proposals
  • Root cause analysis
  • Advanced Visual Analysis
  • Power Tracker