APQP/PPAP Project Planner
ppap software


The key to overcoming the challenge of completing multiple projects on time and on budget is effective Project Management. APQP/PPAP Manager empowers organizations to manage people and processes more effectively, while streamlining the entire Project Management Lifecycle.

  • Monitors the EwQIMS project status
  • Helps you manage EwQIMS with ease

APQP/PPAP Manager is our incredibly practical software that facilitates any addition, edit, or monitoring needed for projects created in EwQIMS® packages.

Plan and schedule your projects using APQP/PPAP Manager

  • Task Definition for projects
  • Time schedule for different tasks
  • Delegation of various duties
  • Resource Allocation for the tasks
  • Reminders for tasks
  • Confirming Task Assignments through a built in mailing system
  • Establishing Baseline

For the efficient management of your Projects, the APQP/PPAP Manager features:

  • Task status updates through internal mail
  • Re-scheduling resources through internal mail for employees who are out of the office
  • Comparison of Tasks and Baseline
  • The use of Gantt chart to track the status of the tasks
  • Calendar notifying you the scheduled tasks for a particular month
  • Generating project summary, budget, and task assignment reports
  • Setting Interim Plans if required

APQP/PPAP Manager incorporates some truly unique features in its function:

  • Project List
  • Task List
  • Gantt Chart
  • Calendar
  • Check List
  • Base Line
  • Resource Sheet
  • Assignment Schedule
  • Confirm Task Assignments
  • Request Task Status
  • Request Task Re-Schedule
  • Reports
  • Project Summary
  • Budget
  • Task Assignment
  • Check List
  • Actions
  • Reminders
  • Assignments
  • Assignment Responses
  • Change Schedule Requests
  • Status Requests
  • Status Request Responses