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The Company, headquartered at India, is a $2.4 billion conglomerate with interests in engineering, abrasives, fertilizers, finance, bio-products and plantations.

Company Overview:

The Company, headquartered at India, is a $2.4 billion conglomerate with interests in engineering, abrasives, fertilizers, finance, bio-products and plantations.

Scope of Deal

  • Document Management Software
  • Compliance Management System

Systems Used

  • Doc Pro®
  • Compliance Management System

Client Speak:

“Documents can be referred by the intended users from any location of the division at any time. No need to maintain a separate "Amendment Summary" as it is in-built, during each revision activities.”
- General Manager - Quality Assurance

“…Complaints registered with Omnex is attended and resolved immediately. Overall support is good and timely…”
- Doc Pro - Administrator

“…after tasting the success of Document Management systems from Omnex, we are working with Omnex on all the associated areas such as Statutory Compliance Management systems, legal processing, etc. It has been a pleasure to work with OMNEX team. ”
- IT Consultant, CUMI.

Business Needs

  • Manual searching for a particular document - or associated documents - devoured more time. And records management had its own problems.
  • It wasn’t the 20,000 pieces of paper that drove the client to seek a solution but also the distribution of document to employees during a Procedures/Work Instructions change separately to each person across the different entities and plants. So, in addition to the pure bulk of the paper, there was an organizational aspect that needed to be addressed.

Business Solution

  • Omnex took a consulting approach and recommended Document Pro as a solution. Live demonstration of the Product was given that seemed to address the client ’s Business problems. What finally put Document Pro ahead of the pack were our existing Customer references. Each highly recommended the product and confirmed the advantage. With such great features and strong client references, the cleint decided to implement Document Pro for 4(four) of their abrasives units.
  • At Omnex, we believe of aligning the cleint's business process to the software, we decided to align Document Pro to suit the needs their operational needs. The original installation took less than a day. Subsequently, the client's training center was arranged as the venue for intensive software training, data input workshops and real time cases studies.
  • Post Implementation of Document Pro has brought down 20% of their time on tracking, searching and waiting for documents. This in turn has increased the productivity and brought in discipline across the plants. The cleint has included the Document Pro training as part of HR Induction process for all new recruits. A printed a handout on Document Management system is distributed with the Employee induction kit and training is provided for any new recruits.
  • Compliance Management system was customized and designed to meet Quality and Statutory Compliances. This system is generically designed to meet any Compliances Quality, Legal, Statutory etc., Risk imposed by compliance regulations and corporate guidelines, Concerns on capturing, finding and leveraging organizational knowledge is key for any organization peak performance.