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Largest tyre manufacturing company, and among the dozen largest worldwide.

Company Overview:

India's largest tyre manufacturing company, and among the dozen largest worldwide. It exports to more than 65 countries.

Scope of Deal

Measurement System Software

Systems Used

MSA Pro®

Client Speak:

“MSA Pro® Implementation by Omnex has significantly reduced our worries with respect to Gaging studies. In Large manufacturing setup like us MSA Pro helps us to organize our work better”. Today we are proud to be one of the few companies in India to have a complete paperless MSA system”
- Manager – Quality Assurance

Business Needs

  • Software to addresses the measurement system Analysis in compliance with MSA III edition

Business Solution

  • Omnex implemented MSA Pro® across three plants.
  • The Software was customized to meet the additional requirements of the clients.
  • Current implementation – Used in 3 locations by several thousands of employees.

Results driven through EwQIMS implementation

  • 25% time savings on Measurement equipment management activities.
  • 100% Error free gage calibration in compliance with MSA III edition.
  • 100% avoidance of audit non conformance due to gagging.
  • Email Reminders to conduct gage studies like Calibration, Bias, R&R Etc.
  • Reduction of redundant or unnecessary MSA studies by 20%.
  • Use of data from one plant that saves another plant from conducting studies for same type of gage.