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APQP/FMEA Management Software steers Quality continuous improvement solutions For ZF Lemforder

ZF Group is one of the world's leading auto transmission and chassis technology suppliersin the world. China ZF Automotive Systems Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the German ZF-Group’ chassis components and systems division. Their main business is with the BMW group supporting production chassis, axle, ( front-rear axle and other important parts)

The customer demand

ZF China production base decides to pursue Business and Quality Excellence in BMW chassis production unit, after several audit nonconformities were found by their customer. ZF China then puts forward its need for a professional quality continuous improvement plan to their management in order to improve the mistake proofing rate and to meet customer expectations. After much deliberation, ZF choses Omnex’ EwIMS quality management solutions to achieve this. goal.

Zf automotive systems QA manager said: "Online real-time communication and the accumulation of knowledge base will no doubt become of continuous quality improvement process priority!" He added, "We are sure that by using OMNEX's EwIMS quality management software we will improve and change our current working process & culture. From a decentralized system to an integrated solutions network, it will help us analyze how we tackle manufacturing problems, how to apply reasonable quality improvement tools and how to avoid future pitfalls."

Omnex’ solution model

OMNEX’ EwIMS Software solutions has an Enterprise APQP/PPAP management method that integrates around 90% of PPAP documents from ZF existing quality management system for parts supplied to BMW. With the help of Omnex’ open customizable platform software, ZF completed all documentation as required by BMW, including BMW customer specific requirements. After implementation, EwIMS software helped ZF quality excellence team to successfully complete the BMW quality audit process with NO Non conformances.

Zf automotive systems department senior manager said during the project review meeting: "EwIMS not only help us in business excellence for BMW project development process, but also saves 70% of the time, avoids repeated re-work for our people and more effectively- it has brought to us a totally new quality improvement mode. We also customized EWiMS to suit our APQP product realization standard. OMNEX was providing wonderful solution for our requirements, further cooperation would be discussing and proceeding in ZF national quality manager meeting.

AQuA Pro ® defines, documents and controls the end to end product development process, right from design stage to manufacturing and finally provides a platform for continuous improvement.

  • EwIMS platform works over the Internet, enables worldwide access of information to all your factories. It helps you to create an enterprise specific knowledge bank, allows you to customize your reports to meet every Customer Specific requirement and also provides a detailed revision history on all PPAP documentation.
  • EwIMS’ Standardized APQP process integrates all your manufacturing locations to a common platform, resulting in standardized processes and provides real-time accurate information on all development projects.
  • EwIMS supports you to link all necessary parameters from Design phase /Process FMEA, to failure patterns and helps you deploy effective controls into the production process documentation.
  • "3-click automation”:- An innovative feature in EwIMS will help you replicate APQP information, and in just a few minutes you will have a platform established for Process flow diagram, Process FMEA, Control plan & work instructions. No need to rework, re-enter, edit, review, and publish. Leave it to AQuA Pro.
  • Auto-update facility : Enables data sharing between APQP documents with no effort from you. Right from Desing FMEAs to Process flow diagrams, to Control plans or Work instructions / Process sheets – All changes are automatic and updated to the APQP/PPAP file.
  • Aqua Pro has a unique process mapping feature, product family inheritance, Core product tree structure, and a special platform for assembly of products/ components.
  • EwIMS constantly works on how to make your work life easy

OMNEX systems had been successfully providing enterprise-wide APQP/FMEA management solution for global customers.

After ten years of marketing development, OMNEX systems had made sound achievements. However, with the rapid changes on requirements, expectations for better systems had been grown instantly. For achieving better solutions, OMNEX was working on providing APQP/FMEA features that build more user friendly operation experiencing.

OMNEX was a professional corporation in manufacturing management and consulting , with innovations and knowledge on industries, OMNEX provide revolutionary solution – EwIMS. Concentrating on serving manufacturing enterprises and providing fully supporting in/after projects. Based on this efforts, EwIMS would help you on a successful implementation of APQP management.