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e-APQP Solution Provided Through EwQIMS™

Subros Limited turns to Omnex for e-APQP implementation

Anthony John, AGM - Operations

As India’s leading thermal products manufacturer for automotive applications, Subros Limited addressed its documentation workflow system through conventional means. For example, documents were distributed via hardcopy or e-mail in order to obtain approvals, changes, and/or sign-offs. Important documentation including Process Charts, FMEAs, Control Plans, Quality Manuals, and Forms were created using Microsoft Word™, Microsoft Excel™, and other word processing and spreadsheet applications. Ultimately, this documentation was on Subros’ network servers and PCs at different site locations throughout India.

“There were times when our documentation would simply fall through the cracks”
-Amit Parashar, General Manager of Quality Systems

According to Amit Parashar, General Manager of Quality Systems, “There were times when our documentation would simply fall through the cracks.” This prompted management at Subros to decide it was time for all employees to utilize a single system across all their locations. Subros required a software solution that accommodated APQP Process Standardization at three sites to replace the existing costly and labor-intensive manual update method currently in use.


Subros set the following goals as part of the selection criteria for its new APQP solution:

  • Produce an APQP system that can be customized to meet the specific needs of the three current facilities and all future expansions
  • Best-in-class solution provider with the ability to handle Consulting and Software implementations
  • Decrease the cost and time to prepare PPAP and to conduct APQP Time Plan Management
  • Eliminate all shared network-based activities for documentation
  • Create a paperless system

EwQIMS™ was chosen by Subros for e-APQP Implementation. The necessary functionalities were broken down into 4 major categories:

  • 1. PPAP Management
  • 2. Document Management
  • 3. Gage Management & MSA
  • 4. APQP Time Plan Management

Plan to Implementation

Subros turned to Omnex to conduct all project planning activities as well as the implementation. This decision was made due to Omnex’ demonstrated competence in the automotive industry and the fact that Omnex trained all of Subros’ facilities on automotive and APQP methodologies.


The following key milestones were established for project execution:

  • Project Team Identification
  • Gap Analysis of As-Is Process
  • To-Be Process Definition with standardized APQP Processes and documentation across all three locations
  • APQP training
  • Alignment of EwQIMS™ modules to Subros requirements
  • Transfer of setup data
  • Software feature training to the CFTM
  • Go Live

The implementation journey started with the identification of CFTM and CFTL from the three locations and relocating them to Noida, India to form a single Project Team. Rohit Gaur was identified as the Project Coordinator for this project and acted as the primary communication channel with Omnex.

The Omnex implementation started with the Gap Analysis of the As-Is Process which was conducted to identify the gaps in the APQP Process as well as gaps in meeting the AIAG-recommended approach. Omnex consultants, with the help of the Project Team, submitted the Gap Analysis report and the To-Be Process Report to the Subros Management team. The To-be Process Report was generated after reviewing all 53 document formats of Subros APQP Processes across all three locations. After carefully processing all the documents, the result was a homogenous standardized documentation format to be used across all Subros plants. This was a dramatic departure from the previous method of individualized document formats at each plant.

APQP Training was initiated for the Project Team with Omnex consultants. Omnex consultants provided a thorough understanding on the preparation of Design and Process documentation. This training set the stage for the Project Team to create set-up data for all APQP modules, with the help of Omnex software consultants on-site aligning EwQIMS™ to Subros requirements. After only two months of solid efforts put forth by the CFTM, CFTL, Rohit, Amit and the Omnex team, the project saw light of the day and was ready to Go Live.

Go Live of EwQIMS™ was celebrated with a bang. The roll-out meeting was attended by Subros CEO, COO, and All Business Heads; CFTL and CFTM; and the Omnex management and implementation team. With this promising initial implementation success completed, Subros has further plans to integrate PLM SAP Systems with EwQIMS™ for a seamless APQP Management System. This initiative will put Subros on course for a truly global, quality benchmarked system that will form the basis for future success in the worldwide marketplace.

Managing Growth in the Asian Auto Industry

A Challenge for Automotive Suppliers

On October 26, 2012 Arun Kumar, Director & Vice President of Omnex Asia Pacific Operations spoke to a group of Automotive Industry VIPs invited from all over the world, including large OEM and Tier 1 companies. Mr. Kumar spoke to the audience as part of the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) supplier event in Beijing to discuss the current state and challenges of the Automotive Industry in Asia. Full text of this speech can be found in the Omnex Resource Center.

PPAP Management Software (AQuA Pro®)

  • Dynamic linkages of key documents:
    • DVP&R
    • Process Flow Diagram
    • Check Sheets
    • Control Plan
    • Work Instructions
    • Re-usable Design and Process segments to build Design and Process documen
  • Ready-to-use PSW documents
  • Apply customer specific document formats to existing PPAP documents
  • Generate reports
  • PFMEA action plans to APQP time plans

Document Management Software (Document Pro®)

  • Integrated Document Management system
  • Approval workflow definition
  • Ability to use multiple document formats
  • Document Control:
    • Revision Control
    • Distribution Control
    • Document Change Request
  • Search and retrieve documents

APQP Time Plan Management Software (APQP/PPAP Manager®)

  • Comprehensive and Customizable New Product Development time plan templates
  • Create, manage and track APQP projects

Gage Management Software (MSA Pro®)

  • Gage Management for single and multi-parameters
  • Studies with Graphical Reports:
    • Bias Study
    • Calibration Study
    • GRR: X-bar and ANOVA (Crossed and Nested)
    • Stability
  • Gage traceability established to National Standards
  • Compliant with MSA 4th Edition