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Raising the Bar on Performance for Organizations Engaged in Sustainable Energy Technologies

Using EwQIMS To Make The World A Better Place

by Imran Khan, Principal Consultant - Omnex India and Arun Kumar, Vice President - Omnex, Inc.

Sustainable energy technology has become a fully commercial and profitable venture. The recent rapid growth of this industry segment has strained its supply chain to meet demand in a timely manner. This is certainly true for the wind power industry, where unexpected component failures such as electronic controls, gearboxes, generators, and rotor blades have driven up operations & maintenance (O&M) costs.

Compared to the automotive and other industrial segments, the wind power industry has tremendous opportunity to make both their products and processes robust. Facing the promising growth of this industry, three of the world’s leading organizations in wind power have partnered with Omnex and we stand committed to support them in every aspect of business improvement. As such, we stand true to our motto “Driving Worldwide Business Excellence”.

Omnex has been engaged in every aspect of the wind power industry from product design to the installation and maintenance of windmills. Omnex has worked on reducing variation and waste using our own customized process review methodology, EwQ-IMS software, and Six Sigma and Lean tools.

Client Case Study

Omnex started with a global wind turbine manufacturing organization that needed to reduce defects arising from their manufacturing process. Controlling costs, reducing defects, standardizing the operations and preventing future failures were the major challenges as seen by this industry. To counter this, Omnex developed a strategy using Process Flows, Process FMEAs and Control Plans for their manufacturing process; a strategy we call Process Review. The implementation team started with the establishment of families of Process FMEAs and carried through to the implementation of controls on the shop floor.

“Facing the promising growth of this industry, three of the world’s leading organizations in Wind Power have partnered with Omnex and we stand committed to support them in every aspect of business improvement.”

The process review implementation team from Omnex worked with this leading supplier of wind energy and was able to reduce their vital defects by 30% using the philosophy of mistake-proofing and the introduction of low-cost automation. Small improvements from various operator-level personnel also contributed to the success of defect reduction. The process review revealed that not only could many operations be standardized, but also that actions could be taken to lower the skill level required for those operations, leading to a more effective utilization of resources.

The organization also initiated an Enterprise-wide Integration Management System (EwQ-IMS™) project with the goal of establishing a single common and integrated platform for computerization and process improvements in the business areas of product and process engineering, project costing, performance management and management reporting. The implementation of process review has moved from the production floor to a broader implementation using the EwQ-IMS suite. Implementation of this project started in May 2010 and was divided into four stages:

  • Phase 1: Product and Process Engineering
  • Phase 2: Project Management and Incident Management
  • Phase 3: Audit Management and Integrated Management Systems
  • Phase 4: Company Performance Management

Phase 1: Product and Process Engineering

This phase involved the use of the AQuA Pro module of Omnex’ EwQIMS suite to conduct Design FMEA, DVP&R, Process Flow, PFMEA, Control Plans, and Work Instructions for families of products and processes. This linked tool allows design changes to quickly and easily be implemented on the shop floor.

Phase 2: Project Management and Incident Management

APQP/PPAP Manager from EwQIMS allows for the management of phased product development with checklists, and assigned tasks and project reviews in conducting disciplined product launches. In this phase, project planning and AQuA tools interact to further improve product launch discipline.

Phase 3: Audit Management and Integrated Management Systems

In this phase the organization will move their QMS, EMS, and OHSAS implementations to an integrated management system that helps integrate the process documentation. Omnex has a patent on this implementation of the EWQIMS (patent #7818912). See the Omnex website for more information on integrated management systems.

Phase 4: Company Performance Management

In this final phase, the key performance indicators of the organization along with the key processes and process measures will be moved to the performance management system with metrics.

This organization is currently in the first phase of implementation and has initiated standardization within product & process engineering. Implementation of the full EwQIMS suite helps in achieving the following organizational goals:

  • EwQIMS increases operational efficiency through integrated management systems and business process standardization.
  • EwQIMS eliminates paper documentation.
  • EwQIMS reduces product development lead time through the use of Advance Quality Tools linking Design, Manufacturing process and the shop floor.
  • EwQIMS improves product quality and reduces cost.
  • EwQIMS contributes to continuous improvement methodologies.
  • EwQIMS is user-friendly, available with security (rights assignment) and can be used anywhere through a web browser

Omnex is proud to be involved with this organization as they help organizations take their first steps in the social responsibility towards making this planet a better, efficient, safe and comfortable place to live.

*For more information on EwQIMS, please visit the Omnex Systems website at or contact us for product information or to schedule a product demonstration.